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Garage Door Maintenance

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Running Opener Tests

The test for the safety sensors involves blocking them with a solid object while the garage door is fully opened. Instead of closing with the remote control, the unit should stay in place in this situation. This indicates that the sensors and the reversal mechanism work properly. In addition to the photo eyes, we test the opener’s force. If the door hits the object, which is set on its path without blocking the sensors, then we’ll reduce the force.Garage Door Maintenance in Washington

Effective Hardware Lubrication

Count on Garage Door Repair Kirkland to lubricate all moving hardware parts, including sections where friction occurs. We use only a top-quality lubricant to provide effective garage door maintenance. Covering the roller wheels, if they are made from steel, is essential, and the same is true for the hinges. When it comes to torsion spring lubrication, we ensure that each coil is covered. If you have a chain or screw drive opener, rely on us to lubricate the drive chain or rod respectively.

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