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This is the page to visit for help with garage door repair FAQs. Experts are on hand to answer.

  • Garage Door Repair Kirkland - My door keeps freezing shut what do I do?

    Luckily there is a simple trick to use. You can use silicone spray on a rag and wipe it on the base of the door. This should also prevent the door from freezing shut.

  • What is the solution for a deformed extension spring?

    In this case, our specialists in Kirkland recommend that the component is replaced as soon as possible. A deformed spring makes will cause the door to open more slowly. In this way, all connected hardware parts and the opener strain more and this makes them more likely to get damaged. You would not want to take this risk.

  • What are the garage door corner brackets?

    These are lifting and supporting mechanisms that are attached on either side of the installation. They do a heavy piece of work during the closing and opening process so they naturally have a lot of dynamic power. Therefore their removal should be left to us in our capacity as garage door professionals.

  • How can I protect privacy with glass doors?

    There are many different styles of glass garage doors and the glass panel may also be tinted. You can choose milk glass or mirror, white laminate or similar shades for the panel and this way you won't be seen from prying eyes.

  • What horsepower value should I look for in my garage door?

    In order for the opener to lift and close a garage door efficiently, power is needed and it comes from the so-called horsepower (HP). Typically, a door opener with 1/3 HP is adequate for a garage with a single car and about ½ HP for a two-car garage. If you will choose the carriage house design of wood door, the opener should be powered with ½ HP engine. In addition, keep in mind to strengthen the door or reinforce it before installing the said door opener.

  • F.A.Q | Are there any doors which can withstand extreme weather conditions?

    Standard garage doors can withstand a great deal of adverse weather including rain storms, frost and strong winds. However, if you live in an area which experiences particularly adverse weather, there are a number of garage door options which have been optimized to withstand extreme weather including high winds. These types of doors are usually constructed with additional struts which have been steel reinforced, upgraded strength of springs, rollers and tracks. These doors can usually withstand wind speeds of up to 170 miles per hour.

  • Is a timer useful for garage doors?

    When manufacturers produce a new accessory, they have already made their research and know the pros and cons of garage door systems and the habits of most people. Whether you need a timer with your opener is entirely up to you because they are made to protect properties when homeowners forget to close the garage door. They are probably necessary for most homes because you'll never know when you'll forget, too.

  • F.A.Q | Am I safe when I press the remote to enter the garage?

    New remote controls are great and made of the highest possible technologies. They provide quick access and the rolling code technology of most clickers make it impossible to have your codes copied. Though, before you press the garage opener remote, make sure no one is around and avoid pressing the button from far away when you don't have visibility yet. Anyone could walk in without you seeing them.

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