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Case Stories

It is important for us to learn about the experience which our customers have with our garage door company. Discover what they share in their stories. 

We specialize in the maintenance of overhead garage doors, electric openers and components

My Wood Garage Door Was Rescued

My new house came with a wooden garage door and I was really happy about it because it looked awesome. What I didn’t know was that the unit required special care. Everything was going fine until one day I noticed dark spots on the panel right above the bottom seal. I thought that they were temporary and would go away, but they actually got darker and slightly bigger. When I touched one of them, it was super soft. At this point, it hit me that may door was damaged and needed professional repair. I did thorough research going through reviews online and comparing quotes and I picked this company eventually.

The technician got down to work as soon as he came in. He removed the decayed wood carefully leaving the rest of the panel intact. He filled the holes with special filler and then applied a sealant. After repainting, my garage door looked as good as new. It became strong once again too. I was incredibly happy with how the professional repaired the panel and practically restored the door. Since I’m really busy and cannot take care of the unit as well as it deserves, I hired the maintenance service of this company and I can confidently say that they are doing an awesome job. The door looks awesome and works faultlessly.

How I Got a Quietly Working Garage Door

I have a very demanding job so making my house peaceful and quiet has always been one of my top priorities. That is why I had a belt drive garage door opener installed when I first moved in. I had been enjoying really smooth low-noise operation until one day I started hearing strange sounds coming from the door. They started getting louder so I consulted my owner’s manual for help. It suggested lubrication so I bought the recommended lube and applied it to all moving hardware parts. This helped to reduce the noise a little bit, but the effect was short-lasting. This is how I reached this repair company for help.

The technician was very professional from the very beginning and ran full inspection of the unit. It took him little time to discover that I had worn rollers and hinges. The replacement quote which he gave me was more than reasonable and he replaced the hardware parts with new ones without wasting any time. I chose nylon rollers because they are quieter than the metal ones and don’t require lubrication maintenance. The new components work amazingly well. I finally got the peace and quiet which I wanted. My overhead door works a lot better in general. It runs much more smoothly and a bit more quickly than before.

Happy Ending after an Accident with the Garage Door

You can only imagine my surprise when I discovered my garage door off track hanging on one side. I had never experienced any issues with it before and now it was completely jammed and appeared to be on the brink of collapsing. I’m not a girly girl, but I have to say that I really got panicked and didn’t know what to do. My next-door neighbor saw me and recommended disconnecting the opener from the door in the first place. He also gave me the number of Garage Door Repair Kirkland saying they were the best in the trade in the local area.

When I called the company they were very understanding and I got help really quickly. The technician got down to business right away and this made me feel a lot calmer. He pinpointed the underlying cause of the problem immediately. One of the cables was broken and the guy replaced it with a matching one quite fast. He adjusted the door and repaired the track which had got slightly bent. He completed the job in a very short time. Upon testing, the door worked perfectly like before and didn’t threaten to go either way. I hope that by sharing this story I will help others who end up with a snapped cable and overhead door off track act calmly and solve the problem quickly.

I Lost My Garage Door Remote and Found It after Getting a Replacement

When we got back home after a trip to the park, I couldn’t find my mini opener remote for the garage door anywhere. I opened the door with the keypad, but I couldn’t afford to do that all the time. Besides, I was concerned that someone might find the remote and open the garage. I went back to the park to search for the clicker, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I search for a local garage door repair company online and this one was the first which I found. I went briefly over the reviews and decided to call them.

I was pleasantly surprised when they said that a technician would bring me a matching new remote control on the very next day. The guy arrived promptly as promised. I really appreciated this as I have a pretty busy schedule having to take care of three young children. The technician programmed the remote to work with the opener quite quickly. When he tested it, it did its job perfectly fine. I loved how quickly the whole problem was solved. The funny thing was that when we went to the park later the same day one of the kids dug out the original remote out of the sandbox. Anyway, I’m happy to have a spare clicker.

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